E3D v6 extra nozzle 1.75 mm x 0.15 mm

E3D v6 extra nozzle 1.75 mm x 0.15 mm

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E3D v6 extra nozzle 0.15mm  for 1.75mm filament hotend

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E3D v6 extra nozzle 1.75 mm x 0.15 mm
E3D v6 extra nozzle 1.75 mm x 0.15 mm

Información del producto

These nozzles can print some seriously small details. Before now we didn't have the confidence to try and manufacture these for a wider audience, and had doubts about the reliability of machining as well as use. This is some exceptionally fine tooling after all - even the slightest variation in concentricity or alignment can cause blockage and other problems down the line. However over the last few months we took the plunge, and after a number of iterations and extended stress testing the results have made us sure that it was worth every effort. The prints produced at this scale allow you to resolve a level of detail which rivals even SLS methods, and when you take into account the cost saving you quickly realise how awesome this nozzle is. This is a level of reliability and quality you simply won't see in most other tiny nozzles, with painstaking attention paid to details like tip-flat size and orifice length.

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Información adicional
Diámetro 1,75 mm
Diámetro de la punta 0,15 mm
Resistencia a la temperatura hasta 300 ºC
Tipo de material Latón

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