X axis aluminium parts - update your prusa i3 steel

X axis aluminium parts - update your prusa i3 steel


.This pieces replaces the plastic parts of the X axis on your prusa 3d printer. New version with endstop suport for X axis.

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Información del producto

.You will receive replacemente for x-end indler, x-end motor and x-carriage. Screws and nuts for the assembly also included.

You will need larger smooth vars for the X axis (40cm at least)

You may need also a new GT2 belt because it almost 1 meter needed (it depends of the plastic parts you already have in your 3d printer).

It's also needed 1 pc F688zz bearings (or 2pcs 688zz bearings with nuts) for the x axis belt.

To see photos of the new version changes please visit our flickr album

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