Ball Bearing  608ZZ

Ball Bearing 608ZZ


608 ZZ Thrust Ball Bearing 

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Ball Bearing 608ZZ
Ball Bearing  608ZZ

Información del producto

The 608 ZZ Thrust Ball Bearing is a precision-engineered component designed for applications requiring efficient axial load support.

With a width of 7 mm, an inner diameter of 8 mm, and an outer diameter of 22 mm, this bearing is well-suited for various mechanical systems. F

eaturing a 608 series design, this bearing is equipped with double metal shields (ZZ), providing robust protection for the internal ball bearings and raceway. The dual shields make it particularly suitable for applications where contaminants or debris may be present. Commonly utilized in applications such as skateboards, bicycle wheel bearings, electric motors, tools, and more, the 608 ZZ bearing is known for its reliability and versatility.

Its ability to handle axial loads along its central axis makes it a preferred choice in situations where thrust forces are a consideration. Installation is straightforward, involving secure mounting onto the corresponding shaft or structure.

The ZZ shield design simplifies assembly and disassembly processes, ensuring ease of maintenance.

Regular inspections are recommended to assess wear, cleanliness, and the need for lubrication. Proper lubrication is essential to maintain smooth and efficient operation. 

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