Smooth rods stainless steel 10mm (1 meter)

Smooth rods stainless steel 10mm (1 meter)


Smooth rods stainless steel  304 with H9 tolerance of about 1 meter in length and 10mm in diameter
They are also cut to size.

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Información del producto

The rods are available in pieces of 1 meter long and 10mm in diameter

If you want we can cut the bar to the size you want. To do so, please indicate the measures on the observations of your order. The cuts are free.

When you order some cuts please consider the following:

  • Each cut lost 2mm length of the bar
  • The final length of the bar will have a variation of approximately +/- 1mm.
  • Filed off the edges are provided to facilitate insertion of bearings

We also have threaded rods available.

Información adicional