OKdo micro:bit Build a Paper Robot Kit
OKdo micro:bit Build a Paper Robot Kit
OKdo micro:bit Build a Paper Robot Kit
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OKdo micro:bit Build a Paper Robot Kit
OKdo micro:bit Build a Paper Robot Kit
OKdo micro:bit Build a Paper Robot Kit

OKdo micro:bit Build a Paper Robot Kit


OKdo micro:bit Build a Paper Robot Kit

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Información del producto


  • Micro:bit Board v2
  • Micro USB cable
  • Battery holder (2xAAA) (batteries not included)
  • 1 microservo
  • 1 continuous rotation microservo
  • 5 crocodile cables
  • Template for four robots
  • Instructions available below (in English)
  • Manufacturer: OKdo


OKdo micro:bit Build a Paper Robot Kit provides an exciting entry into the world of electronics for children, stimulating their creativity through fun and educational STEM projects. This innovative kit, based on the popular BBC micro:bit board, features multiple templates that allow the creation of various paper robots.

Features Build a paper robot with OKdo micro:bit:

Whether you are taking your first steps in electronics projects or showcasing your skills, the OKdo micro:bit paper robot kit is the ideal STEM choice with a focus on fun.

Why choose the OKdo micro:bit Build a Paper Robot Kit?

This kit includes everything you need to build fascinating paper robots with the BBC micro:bit.

With the ability to create 4 paper robots, the kit ensures fun. The templates offer a variety of options:

  • Paper pet: cut and fold the template to create a cute cat or a mischievous monkey
  • Cheerbot: an original friend waving its arms! You can add accessories like drumsticks!
  • Spinny box: create a circuit, it can be a racing car or a snowy track, wherever your imagination takes you!
  • Lifting crane: create a small crane!

In addition, you can create more fun things like an anchor to lift or a "flying" pig.

Instructions with drawings will easily guide you through the process of cutting and folding the templates to bring your paper robot to life. Additionally, the micro:bit board is reusable, allowing you to move from one project to another with ease.

This kit not only fosters creativity and technical skills but also stands out as an exceptional gift. It is perfect for inspiring the imagination of boys and girls and giving them the opportunity to explore the exciting world of electronics and educational robotics.

In the educational environment, educational robotics plays a crucial role in the development of essential skills. Through projects like the OKdo micro:bit Build a Paper Robot Kit, children learn problem-solving, logical thinking, and programming skills in a fun way.

Introducing robotics in the classroom and at home is essential to prepare young people for the technological challenges of the future and foster their love for STEM learning.


Please note the manufacturer's message: "The templates and instructions for the Paper Robot kit are available under the CC BY-SA-4.0 license. This means you are free to download, copy, print, translate, and remix elements of this document. We only require you to attribute Jasmine Florentine and OKDo, and that any derivative works (such as translations and lesson plans) also use the same CC BY-SA-4.0 license."

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